Get the BEST Managed Cyber Security in North Carolina.

We combined the LATEST tools and services in a SIMPLIFIED solution with a single goal: to give you CONFIDENCE in your data's security.
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Your simple journey to cyber security.

This is where T3 Managed IT services come into play.

As managed IT specialists in North Carolina, we made cyber security UNCOMPLICATED for you. The goal is simple: to help you AVOID losing money and headaches due to a cyberattack.

You don’t have to know every new cyber threat: Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, SQL Injection, BEC, MitM, DDoS, etc.

T3's Managed Cyber Security for business will prepare you for whatever comes your way.

We'll create and maintain a Cyber Security Strategy that fits your needs covering the critical areas of risk:

Leading Cybersecurity Company in Charlotte & Atlanta

Cyber Liability Insurance

T3’s Managed Cyber Security will help you prepare for cyber insurance underwriting.

A cyber insurance policy covers privacy, data, and network exposures. The list of regulations and statutes continues to expand regarding the use and protection of cyber security information and notification requirements in the event of a breach. As cyber exposures continue evolving, so will your need to ensure that your business is protected against cyber-attacks.

PCI Compliance

T3’s Managed Cyber Security will help you get ready for PCI compliance.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements intended to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Where to start

The first step is to know what you have and the REAL exposure of your data. This means identifying the assets, threats, and vulnerabilities and analyzing risks vs. impact to make informed decisions about the strategy for security.

Our $497 “Get-The-Facts” FREE gift for you.

As a prospective client in North Carolina, we’d like to offer you a free, no-obligation Security Assessment where we’ll conduct an audit of your network’s security and overall health.

The assessment will reveal if your data and computer network are appropriately backed up and secured. Besides, what else you can do to prevent a network outage, data theft, or any other expensive data-erasing disaster. Plus, as managed IT services providers in North Carolina, we can almost always show you how to save a little (or a LOT) on hardware and software by switching to more efficient cloud-computing solutions.

After all, getting a competitive bid from a qualified third party never hurts; this assessment is entirely free without obligation.
The assessment only takes 15 minutes to set up. When it’s done, you’ll know if your company’s data is secured and, in the event of a disaster, exactly how fast you could be back up and running again (if at all).
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Reasons to choose T3 Managed IT to support your computer network

We are a technology customer SERVICE-ORIENTED firm that provides comprehensive, PRACTICAL IT support and services for your business-level IT needs. Our managed IT services aim to dramatically eliminate or reduce IT problems in your organization.
We offer:

T3 Managed IT 100% Moneyback Guarantee

See what our clients are saying about us:

Professional, client-focused, disciplined, and comprehensive.

We had a crisis of ransomware where we lost access to one of our disks (...) First, they walked me through every step of the resolution. Then they proposed more robust protection by combining monitoring apps, secured backups and recovery, anti-malware software, and user training. So, we are now working with them on those additional longer-term measures.

T3 is a partner, and they get the needs of small businesses. I recommend T3 Managed IT to business owners in NC.

Sheppard Narkier
Sheppard D. Narkier
Chief Enterprise Architect & Found.
Candlewall LLC.

Great Work and Communication!

We decided to build our new office building, and T3 Computer Services was recommended to do our IT infrastructure.

All I can say is that working with T3's staff has been an outstanding experience: from planning meetings to the installation and follow-up. They are very knowledgeable and consistent with their high quality of work, which gave me peace of mind.

We will definitely work with T3 on future projects! I highly recommend T3 Computer Services to anyone.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Casanova General Contractor, LLC.

Personalized Support and Responsiveness

The latest project involved our Atlanta warehouse, and I appreciate the personalized support and responsiveness of the T3 team.

I haven't worked with another IT firm in a long time. I have been working with T3 for over 10 years.

If you are considering T3 as your IT service provider, just give them a try!! I have NEVER had a bad experience with the T3 team in all these years working with them.

Terri Graham
Warehouse Manager.
CLN Worldwide.