Samsung Announces Data Breach: What Happened to YOUR Info?

Over Labor Day weekend, Samsung users in the U.S. received an unfortunate email from their provider: “In late July 2022, an unauthorized third party acquired information from some of Samsung’s U.S. systems. On or around August 4, 2022, we determined through our ongoing investigation that personal information of certain customers was affected. We have taken … Read more

LastPass BREACHED! Where Did the Password Manager Go Wrong?

Password managers are a great way to keep secure, varied credentials on all of your different accounts. They let you log in and out of your favorite sites without having to worry about forgetting all those confusing strings of letters, numbers and different capitalization. What happens when a hacker breaches that massive log of data? … Read more

3 Unexpected Places We Risk Online Security

Internet has pervaded nearly every activity we do. Whether we’re watching our Smart TVs or professionally networking with people on the other side of the world, so much of our daily lives are spent online that we barely even think about it anymore. Have a question? Jump on your favorite search engine. Need to impress … Read more

3 Ways Cyber-Crime Plays Out IRL

You’ve heard about it since you first started using the internet: Cybersafety must be practiced at all times when you’re online. Hopefully, you undergo regular security awareness training if you work at a computer to stay up-to-date on modern cyberattacks and the best way to combat threats. Maybe you’ve even completed phishing trainings sent by upper management. … Read more

How to Spot Malicious Files

We are well into the Internet age, and that means that man of us are downloading new files off the web on a regular basis. Whether it’s stock photos to put on your blog or a new font for your resume, our work and personal lives often rely on scouring the Internet for free files … Read more

Tech FAQs: Answers to Your Top Tough Questions

When technology doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, you can get frustrated fast. That’s probably why you’re on Google right now, frantically searching for answers to turn your screen back right-side up or convince your computer to read that USB drive. In today’s blog, we’re going to dive a little deeper than “turning it … Read more

Rely on Medical Devices? They’re Getting More Cyber-Secure

In light of increasing cyber-threats over the past several years, governments, industries and individuals all over the world are turning their sights toward improving cybersecurity. Regulations are expanding to cover everything from reducing financial fraud to protecting medical devices. In 2021, roughly 32M Americans relied on implanted medical devices. The U.S. made up nearly half … Read more

Why it is crucial for small businesses to have Cyber Insurance Coverage

The biggest data breaches that generate national headlines typically happen to large and well known companies. Although, it is small businesses that are more likely to suffer a cyberattack than these large companies. Not only do the world’s biggest companies need Cyber Insurance coverage, it is a must-have for small businesses as well.   Every Cost … Read more

A Quick Overview of Cyber Insurance

Nearly every company, of every size, is exposed and vulnerable to cyberattacks. Your company’s privacy, confidential information and operations are at risk of exposure. This is a massive problem for organizations, which is why more and more people are turning to cyber insurance to protect their businesses from a dangerous, and costly, situation. In 2020 … Read more

Don’t Settle for Notes App Passwords: Get a Manager Instead

As any introductory security awareness training will tell you, hard-to-guess passwords are essential to protecting your accounts. In today’s cyber-threat landscape, that means using a mix of letters, numbers and symbols while also playing with capitalization. Most importantly, it shouldn’t spell out anything that’s easy to attribute to you, thus giving hackers an easy time … Read more