Rely on Medical Devices? They’re Getting More Cyber-Secure

In light of increasing cyber-threats over the past several years, governments, industries and individuals all over the world are turning their sights toward improving cybersecurity. Regulations are expanding to cover everything from reducing financial fraud to protecting medical devices. In 2021, roughly 32M Americans relied on implanted medical devices. The U.S. made up nearly half … Read more

Don’t Settle for Notes App Passwords: Get a Manager Instead

As any introductory security awareness training will tell you, hard-to-guess passwords are essential to protecting your accounts. In today’s cyber-threat landscape, that means using a mix of letters, numbers and symbols while also playing with capitalization. Most importantly, it shouldn’t spell out anything that’s easy to attribute to you, thus giving hackers an easy time … Read more

Help! I’m a Victim of Ransomware!

It’s finally happened: One of your worst nightmares come true. As an Internet user, you’ve heard of ransomware before. Maybe you thought it only happened to massive corporations or rich individuals with plenty of assets to lose. Now, though, you’re sitting and staring at a co-opted screen that tells you to pay up or lose … Read more

Spear Phishing: What Is It and How to Avoid It

If you’ve had any cybersecurity awareness training in the past couple of years, you probably already know what phishing is. This practice of sending fraudulent emails that appear to be from a legitimate source has devastated Internet users as they lose everything from personal files to million-dollar NFTs. In 2022, phishing is expected to increase by six billion attacks. … Read more

Secure WFH Tips for the Everyman

Many people work from home these days; it’s far less anomalous than it was pre-2020. Nowadays, many employers offer remote work or a hybrid model that switches off between days when employees come into the office. In fact, it’s a dealbreaker for more than half of the workforce these days if a company doesn’t present WFH as … Read more

Who’s Selling Your Data?

How many online accounts to you have right now? From web games, to social media, to professional subscriptions, we all have an untold amount of data stored on the Internet. The sum of your accounts likely includes everything from your email address to the cookies you use online. That’s why data protection is so important, … Read more

25 Cybersecurity Terms You Should Know

Do you know what a Trojan virus is? How about a RAT? No, we don’t mean the kind that scurries around on the sidewalks, making a nuisance of themselves. We’re talking about the computer term, Remote Access Trojan, a special kind of malware that opens a back door on the network and allows a hacker to … Read more

Don’t Download that File! And Other Things to Know About Email Security

Email revolutionized the way that we communicate with each other, all across the globe. The service was first invented in 1965 at MIT, and although it would take decades for the service to become popular worldwide, the ease and capabilities of “electronic mail” has only sped forward at lightning pace with the digital advancements we’ve … Read more

Careful With Crypto: Know the Dangers Before You Invest

Cryptocurrency: It’s been the word in everybody’s mouth, whether they are wholeheartedly sold on digital currency or questioning why anyone would convert their cash. Although there are fans who believe crypto is our future, it’s also smart to put on the brakes and assess the pros and cons of using a digital wallet. Scams abound … Read more

Cyber Insurance – investing in the right cyber insurance plan

You have car insurance, health insurance and maybe even life insurance – but did you know you could get a cyber insurance policy too? This type of insurance protects you from the financial consequences of a data breach or other cyber incidents that could happen to your company. You can get coverage for things like … Read more