Spam? Don’t Just Click “Delete”

No matter what email platform you use, who you connect with, and where you choose to give out your email address, we all deal with it: Spam messages. Sometimes, spam is clearly recognizable as fake. Others look like viable sales pitches…and sometimes they’re disguised as phishing messages to make you think that you’re interacting with … Read more

Is Malware About to Get 60x Faster?

Artificial intelligence has become incredibly powerful. We can create animated avatars of ourselves with just a facial scan. A few words in the right search engine can generate beautiful imagery and art. You can even find AI to write entire book chapters (although, they don’t always make much sense). Although we can’t replicate human motivation … Read more

Twitter Suffers Data Breach of 400M+ Users

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has generated a ton of headlines since he took the helm of Twitter. The social media platform enjoys over 450M active users every month. Now Musk is trending again, and not for anything good. Just as 2022 ended, Twitter experienced a data breach that affected over 400M users! The … Read more

New Year for Cyber-Threats

It’s almost New Year’s! You’ve almost made it through another tumultuous year full of cybersecurity threats and defenses. Whether used for good or evil, each new technological marvel must fight to stay ahead of their opposition. Bad actors develop better weapons, and security teams counter with stronger shields. As the holidays approach, people tend to … Read more

Sharing a Computer? Be Careful What You Browse

Do you go the public library when you need to do some extra research? Have one laptop that gets used by everyone in the family as they need it? Ever borrow a friend’s device to look something up in a pinch? Share a desktop computer with the person who works the night shift at your … Read more

When Credit Card Monitoring is Illegally Monitored

When your personally identifiable information (PII) is exposed in a data breach, the authorities may ultimately recommend (after many other steps) that you use credit monitoring services. Of course, you should only do so when recommended by your IT team, the police and your insurance company. Nevertheless, these services are useful to those who take … Read more

Metaverse: What is It and What Will Cybersecurity There Look Like?

If you hang around techies, you’ve probably heard the word “metaverse” buzzing around in the past year so. By reputation alone, the metaverse seems to be some kind of new reality that’s entirely online and self-supported by the internal players. Wait, is this a video game or a social media marvel? Let’s dive into what … Read more

Happy, Healthy Holidays: 5 Tips for Secure Gift-Giving

It’s almost the holidays. No matter what you celebrate, this is a special time to spend with loved ones and show each other that you care. One of the many ways that people do this during the winter holidays is with gifts. We know it’s on your mind…Just as you’re thinking about what to get … Read more

Think Before You Click: Hyperlink Safety 101

Did you know that 20% of the workforce is likely to click on a phishing link? From there, over two-thirds will input their private information into the fraudulent website where they land. That’s a HUGE amount of data breaches caused by human error! These can be easily prevented by recalling your Security Awareness Training, but … Read more

How to Avoid Credit Card Theft

How often do you use your credit card? How many do you have, and which companies do you rely on? If you’re like the average American, you probably have around four cards in your wallet right now. It can be convenient for collecting various perks, but it also increases the chances of one of them getting … Read more