Does Security Compliance Really Matter?

Running a business is a time-consuming, mentally exhausting challenge – but one with a huge payout if you succeed. You need to keep your focus on the so-called squeaky wheels in the machine. So if you’ve never experienced a cyberattack, you not think it’s such a big deal. You may understand the theoretical consequences of … Read more

Cyber Insurance – investing in the right cyber insurance plan

You have car insurance, health insurance and maybe even life insurance – but did you know you could get a cyber insurance policy too? This type of insurance protects you from the financial consequences of a data breach or other cyber incidents that could happen to your company. You can get coverage for things like … Read more

Do I Really Need to Update Software ASAP?

When you use the Internet every day, whether for work or personal fun, you get into a personal routine. Just like you get up in the morning, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and dress, every time you log into your computer you may follow a pattern too. You open your browser to the tabs you … Read more

How Can I Keep My Info Off the Dark Web?

The Dark Web: It’s the murky waters that you stumble upon if you venture too far in that big ocean, the Internet. This is where cybercriminals gather to sell, buy and trade illegal goods and services of all kinds, from scenarios that seem like a Law & Order plot line all the way to identity … Read more

Seth Green’s Phishing Nightmare: It Can Happen to Anyone

When he played Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seth Green had a knack for navigating computers. Whatever cyber-skills he picked up from the role and in his real life since, they couldn’t save him less than two weeks into May, when he became the target of a phishing scam. Four NFTs that he owned were … Read more

Single Sign-On: More Secure Than It Sounds

With so much advanced cybercriminal technology and the ever-expanding Dark Web, more and more businesses and professionals are turning their focus toward greater online security. These changes are happening all over the world. For example, has your company recently started asking (or requiring) you to participate in phishing exercises or security awareness trainings? As a … Read more

Honesty Is the Best Policy…Even When You’re Being Hacked

When a data breach goes public, especially if the affected company kept it a secret from the people who use their services, the resulting outcry can have a negative impact on the victim’s reputation. Keeping threats and breaches quiet only cause customers to lose trust in the company’s ability to keep their PII safe. Think … Read more

Threat Detection is Getting Faster; Is Yours Up to Speed?

It’s no great secret that cybercriminals are becoming more savvy when it comes to stealing information and tricking their targets into handing over private information or credentials. Major online threats such as ransomware have been steadily rising in prevalence for awhile, and are therefore a bigger threat than ever before to businesses like yours. However, as the … Read more

Cryptojacking: A Threat Borne of Digitization

The internet is a useful tool. It connects people all around the world and lets you find information with the click of a button. It’s convenient, fast and available – no wonder its influence grows every year as experts invent new games, tools and security measures to make daily life simpler. Even money has become … Read more

How the Dark Web Hand-Delivers Malware

The name itself sound ominous, but how much do you really know about the dangers posed by the Dark Web? It’s a breeding ground for cybercriminals to talk and exchange malicious services; for this reason, Dark Web monitoring tools are becoming more commonplace, to detect if your information is for sale or use on this … Read more